Interior Painting

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With our Fort Worth interior house painting experts and commercial painting professionals, from the first moment that we walk into your home or business you will notice that our primary focus is to protect all of your belongings, and treat your home or office as if it were our own. We also understand that having strangers in your home or business is stressful enough without there being any unforeseen problems. Over the years we have managed to streamline the processes we use to start and complete a project as quickly and painlessly as possible.


The following is what we offer and is the process we use to complete EVERY interior painting project.


  • Included in our interior painting proposal our painters will move all furniture, pictures, art, etc. and relocate them in safe place within the location so that no damage is done to your property.
  • Our painters then cover all flooring and lighting, while that is going on if in fact we are not painting mill work we will tape that off as well.
  • Our painters also remove all electrical plate covers to ensure a great finished product.
  • At this point we fill all nail holes, spackle and sand any areas that require attention in addition to texture repairs.
  • Our painters then install your choice of a color of paint, we prefer Sherwin Williams paints but if you have a preference we will utilize that brand.
  • Once we have installed the paint and it has dried we clean everything up and place your belongings back where they belong.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your interior painting project. Advice is always free simply because we want you to get the best service, the best prices, and the best products for your interior painting project.

Our list of residential Interior painting services in Fort Worth: Living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, hallways, foyers, game rooms, mancaves, bars, warehouse, retail, strip mall, banks, popcorn ceiling removal, texture repairs, sheetrock installations, and more. If you don’t see what you require listed please feel free to contact us.

Our list of Commercial interior painting services in  Dallas, Fort Worth: Warehouse, offices, corporate, hotels, motels, restaurants, service stations, car dealerships, auto service, banks, retail, and more.


Choosing your interior paint colors

It has been our experience over the last 25 years that most homeowners have a difficult time picking paint colors. As a painter, house painter, commercial painter, etc, etc, etc. I always attempt to lean people toward the lighter paint colors and here’s why. Paint in a lighter form always installs in less coats and is easier to clean. Earth tones are my personal favorite because I install them, I know how they react to cleaning, touch ups, etc. One other thing when considering an interior paint color is furniture. What is the dominant color in your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Obviously when picking out the paint color you always want to go a shade darker on your fan deck. While the companies that make the paint color fan decks do their best to get the paint color exact on the card its typically a shade lighter on a real wall or ceiling.


Interior paint cost to install

Painting is not rocket science, we all know that. With that said paint is also expensive, a good example would be Paint vs. Gasoline. A gallon of good quality paint cost approx, $35.00 our cost, where as a gallon of gasoline costs $2.25 at the time of this writing. Now what we do in our company is we do not mark up the cost of the paint or the materials we use to paint our customers homes. What we pay the customer pays, that may be something you ask your painter while he’s giving you a bid on your painting project. In our company we make our money on labor, we don’t feel its right to mark up a gallon of paint when the home owner can just as easily go to Sherwin Williams and pick it up themselves. Any reputable painter will explain the costs of the interior painting project in simple terms.

Labor for interior painting projects:

Typically the labor varies on interior house painting projects but I can give you some guidance on what you can expect to pay. There are a number of factors that come into play.

1. Is there a lot of furniture that has to be moved before painting?

2. Is there any wall damage that has to be repaired before painting?

3. Is there a lot of cleaning that has to be done before the painting can begin?

All of these things factor into a price that any reputable painting contractor has to consider before quoting a price on your interior painting project in Fort Worth. Interior painting cost is generally between $0.85 cents a sq ft. and could be as high as $2.00 sq ft. The deciding factors would be the items listed above and what kind of paint is used ie; Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, Behr, Kwal, etc. I would ask the painter you’re considering hiring what his or hers preferred paint is, generally speaking if they’re familiar with it then they’ll know how it performs in different situations.


Need Popcorn ceiling Removal? Here’s the Process:

Have you been thinking about popcorn ceiling removal in your newly purchased or home you’ve lived in for years? Over the years we have streamlined the process for removing popcorn ceilings and have tried to make it as simple and painless as possible for the homeowner. Removing the popcorn ceilings in your home can and will give your home a whole new look and bring it into the new century.

Popcorn ceilings were originally installed by builders because it was cost efficient and they could save money by not having to have the tape and bed or texture contractor spend tons of laborious hours on the sheetrock finish out. For 40 years or so it was pretty much the standard in the industry. Our process to remove the popcorn ceilings in your home has remained relatively unchanged since the start of our business in 1991. The removal process is as follows:

  1. All of the walls in your home need to be covered. 2. All of the furniture must be moved to a safe location within the home.
  2. All of the lighting fixtures must be taken down. 4. We then use small spray bottle to dampen the popcorn ceilings a small section at a time.
  3. We generally use broad knives to remove the texture from the ceilings but in some instances as it pertains to vaulted ceilings we use different tools.
  4. Once all of the popcorn has been removed we now move on to repairing any of the tape and bedding that was damaged during the popcorn removal process.
  5. Once everything has been repaired we install the new texture. Some of the more common textures are a “splatter drag” or a splatter or “orange peel” texture. There really is no rule to what texture looks good where. We actually install quite a bit of “spanish drag” texture on ceilings.
  6. We would then move on to painting the ceilings.

That’s pretty much the process for removing popcorn off of your ceilings. Please keep in mind that removing popcorn off of your ceiling is a very time consuming and labor intensive job. It is also very messy, please keep this in mind before you commit to removing the popcorn off of your ceilings. We’ve done it for over 20 years and thats really one the first things we impress upon our customers. If you don’t mind the dust, and being inconvenienced for a short time its a great way to increase the value of your home and also change the look of your property for the better. . We service the entire Fort Worth, Arlington,  Mansfield, Dalworthington Gardens, areas.

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Need some interior paint color ideas? Sherwin Williams paint visualizer

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